Trust Centre Services

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The Trust Centre’s range of services will ensure that you find the right solution for all your certification and verification needs.

Hosted PKI

The South African Post Office has developed a fully operational Trust Centre in the Western Cape. This Web Trust Certified Compliant infrastructure houses Category Four Vaults behind eight levels of access with video monitoring, biometric and severely restricted access creating an ideal facility for storing encryption key shares and hosting PKI services. Electronic access is fully duplicated for redundancy with multiple levels of cutting edge logical security.

The SAPO Trust Centre is therefore ideally positioned to provide a highly secure and fully managed hosted PKI environment with a live back up and full business continuity. The SAPO Trust Centre's locally developed PKI technology enables full customisation with varied degrees of customer management while maintaining full customer control of the registration process, certificate issue and all data.

Consultancy Services

The South African Post Office Trust Centre has a dedicated technical team and strong network of distributors that will provide consultancy services to potential and existing customers to identify customer needs and design customised solutions where necessary.

This service is especially of value where in-house and hosed Certificate Authority or Registration Authority services are being contemplated or integration with legacy systems is required.

Integration Services

The South African Trust Centre also provides assistance where PKI needs to be integrated into Legacy and other systems.

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