Products and services

The Post Office Trust Centre provides a complete range of PKI Based - Authentication Products and Services as well as the relevant technology, policies, processes, procedures and expertise to support seamless product and service delivery. Our expertise enable our clients to use, integrate or install certificates, certification authorities, registration authorities or direct APIs for certificate issuing.

Personal certificates

The Post Office Trust Centre provides three types of personal certificates to meet the information security needs of our clients. While all these certificates comply with international standards each of these certificates have different levels of authentication and encryption.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates

SSL certificates provide strong authentication of servers and websites. SSL certificates provide secure encrypted communications sessions between servers whether they are within networks or outward-facing (i.e. directed at the public).

Certification authorities and registration authorities

Where clients require the ability to authenticate their own users and even issue their own certificates, the Post Office Trust Centre can offer clients fully SAPO-hosted and customer-hosted certification authorities and registration authorities that are available in all the certificate classes.