Class 2 - Medium assurance 1024 bit certificates

Class 3 - High assurance closed community certificates

Class 4 - Advanced Electronic Signatures

Standard - SSL Server certificates and electronic data interchange certificates

SAN / UC - Secure multiple domains with a single SSL certificate

Wildcard - Secure multiple sub domains with a single certificate

SAPO hosted CA - Customer licensed and controlled

Customer hosted CA - Issuing CA within client environment

RA's - Client controlled authentication and issuing

Trust starts here

The Post Office Trust Centre is the South African Post Office's fullly fledged South African-developed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) initiative. The Post Office Trust Centre incorporates the SAPO National 'off-line' Root Certificates and related Certificate Authorities with the objective of delivering authentication products and services to government, the private sector, the citizens of South Africa and internationally.

Advanced Electronic Signatures

The SAPO Trust Centre has been fully accredited by the South African Accreditation Authority in terms of section 37 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act and therefore provides Advanced Electronic Signatures that provide clear evidentiary weight when applied to communications and transactions.

100% Standards Compliant

The SAPO Trust Centre has been fully accreditated by the Web Trust Certification and the specifications of standards like SANS (ISO) 21188, PKIX, PKCS & X509(3) etc.  Compliance to all the relevant standards is the foundation on which the SAPO Trust Centre's reliable, integrated and functional service delivery is built.

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